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Remco Wrestling Action Figures Return Thanks to the Powertown Tag Team Rosenthal and Gagne

Remco Powertown

PowerTown Wrestling, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights from Buzz IQ to utilize the historic Remco logo and brand on a dynamic new line of wrestling action figures. Recently having closed pre-orders for its debut Series 1 line of legendary Ultra collectible figures, former Remco Toys executive and co-founder of PowerTown Wrestling, Steve Rosenthal, along with co-founder and former celebrated professional wrestler Greg Gagne made the announcement of the deal.


Rosenthal, in partnership with the legendary wrestler and wrestling territory owner Verne Gagne, was the first to bring Wrestling Action Figures to market while at Remco Toys in the mid-80s. With Verne’s son Greg, the duo plan to release ‘Remco Powertown Allstar Wrestlers’, Series 1 collectible wrestling action figures in 2023.


“After the incredible success of our recent Ultra’s Series 1 launch under the PowerTown Wrestling brand, I knew I wanted to revisit my roots and develop a new line of wrestling figures featuring the Remco name,” says Steve Rosenthal, co-founder and managing partner of PowerTown Wrestling. “It’s a dream come true that I was able to re-acquire the Remco rights and I’m looking forward to re-launching a new wrestling action figure line featuring legendary and iconic wrestlers.”


PowerTown Wrestling entered the ring this year with the goal of celebrating the careers of the greatest wrestlers from the past seven decades. Steve Rosenthal added, “The response from the fans and collector community to our PowerTown Series 1 line has been simply amazing and we can’t wait to share and unveil our concepts and plans for the new Remco line.”


The Remco Series 1 line-up will be announced in January 2023.


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