Smart Teddy Launches New Line of Accessories

Smart Teddy Early Learning

Smart Teddy, the connected plush toy brand, is pleased to announce a new line of ‘Early Learning’ sets. The new line of cards featuring Amazing Animals, All My Emotions and Numbers, will create additional educational content in new and innovative ways. Each card contains an electronic tag and with a tap of Smart Teddy’s ‘Super Paw,’ the plush will read the card aloud and explain the rules, promoting independent play for kids and parents.


●       Playing the Amazing Animals game with Smart Teddy will help children discover the animal kingdom. By learning about animals such as whales, giraffes and jellyfish along with the interesting facts about them, kids will develop imagination, work on categorizing skills and expand their vocabulary.


●       The All My Emotions cards help build critical social-emotional skills, teacher emotion management and develop mindfulness for kids. In this game, Smart Teddy will introduce seven basic feelings to help children familiarize themselves with them. Emotions include: happiness, sadness, anger, scared, interest, disgust and surprise.


●       The Numbers set will support children in their journey to learn numbers, develop confidence in math and identify object comparison.


The new Early Learning sets are available for $24.90 on the Smart Teddy website. Smart Teddy is available for $199.95 on the website and on Amazon. For more information about Smart Teddy, please visit

With a mission of helping parents raise our future, Smart Teddy is an innovative toy controlled by parents through a mobile app. Parents can lead their little ones through educational games and activities designed to develop critical thinking, imagination, and expand vocabulary. In addition, Smart Teddy promotes literacy and math skills as well as builds good habits like personal hygiene, picking up their toys, and managing their emotions. With unique software built into the plush, Smart Teddy becomes a positive, nurturing member of the family by actively guiding children toward healthy, positive activities.