Douglas Launches Cute Coyotes and More Critters

Douglas Coyote

While the deer and the antelope play on the Range, Douglas Company has added a few more animals to the mix, including a coyote, wolves, and more. The Range will see six more mammals this spring from the soft toy maker and lifestyle gift creator.


Introducing Howls the Coyote and what a clever looking specimen he is. His fur is fantastic in shades of brown, caramel and white, looking very textured and full. His legs and feet are short haired caramel along with his snout. The inside of his ears and complete underbelly are thick fluffy white. He is 10” long in a standing on all fours position.


Tenton the Bighorn Sheep is equally charming at 8” long in a standing position. His fur is thick through the body and head, and deep chocolate brown. His hooves are also brown with short plushy fur. His snout is white and his prominent curled horns are ivory tan.


Vilkas the Black Wolf is standing and 12” in length. His tail and his neck and head are bushy with long black fur, similar to a black cat. His body and paws have short smooth black fur. His eyes are golden with black pupils. He looks very much alive and ready to play.


Montana the Wolf  is regal at 31” long not including his remarkable tail. From his hind legs, throughout his torso, including his head, his fur is luxurious in shades of brown to black. His underbelly up through his snout is thick and creamy white.  His back paws and front legs and paws are creamy white and velvet-like in texture. His eyes are incredibly real as he resembles his real to life breed. Montana is a member of Douglas’ DLux collection.


Rudie the Raccoon is precious in shades of minky brown. His fluffy fur looks freshly groomed and is all the same length. His white face with perfect brown raccoon markings looks irresistibly soft. His bushy striped tail is true to his natural breed. Rudie is a member of Douglas’ Mini Softs Collection.


Cubbie the Black Bear is a classic true to life roly-poly black bear. He’s 6” long and part of Douglas’ Softs Collection. He has medium length brown snuggly hair all over. The only thing not black is his caramel-colored snout. He’s even got a black nose and black eyes.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest On the Range animals will ship in March 2023. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.