Luxury Stroller Wagon Brand Wonderfold Partners with Exclusive Importers and Distributors for UK and Australia

Wonderfold UK Australia

WonderFold, the leader in the luxury stroller wagon category, has announced their partnership with Baby Central and Coolkidz Australia, two exclusive juvenile products importers and distributors, for their first and only authorized expansion into the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia (AU)/New Zealand (NZ).  The UK and AU/NZ join France, Canada, Spain and Korea as authorized distributors.


“WonderFold’s expansion into the UK and AU/NZ marks a milestone in the company’s growth and we are eager to make this investment in our customers worldwide,” said WonderFold Co-Founder, Sabrina Ng. “We are grateful to have found partners that can help us further extend our reach globally and we look forward to achieving this next stage of growth.”


With the goal of helping parents enjoy the convenience of less baggage while on the go, WonderFold’s versatile wagons are equipped to carry children along with other belongings and have become popular companions for family outings.


WonderFold’s products will be available direct-to-consumer, as well as at select premium retailers to be announced soon. The UK and AU/NZ branches of the brand will also have their own Instagram accounts, @WonderFoldWagon.UK and @WonderFold.AU, respectively.


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