Game and Toy Veteran Tami Murphy Launches Growth Strategy Consulting Business, Building on 20 Years in the Industry

Tami Murphy Tamic Strategies

Tamic Strategies is proud to announce its official launch, offering comprehensive business consulting services to vibrant toy, game and gift companies looking to continue their growth in the market. Led by Tami Murphy, an entrepreneurial professional with decades of industry experience, Tamic Strategies aims to empower businesses by providing strategic guidance and tailored solutions. Murphy has spent nearly 20 years in the toy and game industry at respected companies such as The Haywire Group, University Games and Grand Prix International (GPI), Inc.


Having played a pivotal role at a start-up game company, Murphy has been involved in all facets of the business, honing her expertise in sales and marketing, product line strategy, and operational efficiency. Murphy also boasts extensive account management experience in manufacturing project management, making her uniquely equipped to navigate the challenges and complexities of the industry. Her track record of success is further highlighted by her past role as a member of an executive leadership team, where she played an integral part in defining the company’s overarching strategy and goals. She has embraced bringing fun to the marketplace throughout her entire career, making connections between sales, marketing and the consumer experience.


“I am beyond excited to be starting a business that’s sole purpose is to help companies bring fun to the marketplace! I believe strongly in the value of play and all it means to human connection, child development and an adult’s brain and mental health,” said Tami Murphy, founder and President of Tamic, who named the company in honor of her years growing up in rural Ohio.


“Tamic is a nod to my little girl self, with all her big ideas, growing up near vast cornfields and dreaming of bigger things,” she said. “Helping companies with a custom growth-oriented approach, centered around understanding their unique challenges allows me to be a part of bringing new and innovative products to market. When I work with a company, I am part of their team, their success and wins are also mine. It’s an absolute rush to be a part of.”


With Tamic Strategies, you gain access to Murphy’s extensive industry knowledge and connections. Having experienced the highs and lows of business firsthand, Tami Murphy brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by companies in the toy, game and gift industries.


Overcoming challenges in sales and marketing, product lines, profit margins and operations can be daunting if a company doesn’t have a strong sense of its identity or hasn’t identified its short- and long-term goals. Tamic Strategies believes that every aspect of your business interconnects. By understanding the bigger picture, Tamic Strategies will take a deep dive into discussions with your team, identifying areas for improvement, and crafting effective solutions.


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