Ravensburger Explores Monsters of the Greek Underworld in Newest Addition to the Horrified Game Franchise

Horrified- Greek Monsters Ravensburger 1024 x 780 (5)

Pandora’s Box has been opened, and Greece’s most notorious monsters have escaped in Horrified: Greek Monsters, Ravensburger’s newest addition to its popular Horrified franchise. Players who respond to a call from the Gods will encounter a new mechanic known as Lairs, the freed monster’s hidden hide-outs that players need to locate to defeat them. The game will be available for pre-order on Amazon and Target on September 5 and go on sale nationwide on October 1.


“After tackling our favorite cryptids in Horrified: American Monsters, we wanted to gamify some of the most iconic monsters in the world, so of course we found inspiration in Greek myths,” said Mike Mulvihill, Game Development Manager at Ravensburger North America. “Horrified: Greek Monsters is filled with surprises for first-time and long-time Horrified players from bold and vibrant art direction to the new Lairs mechanic.”


Horrified: Greek Monsters is the third entry in Ravensburger’s popular Horrified franchise. Similar to its predecessors, Horrified: Universal Monsters (2019) and Horrified: American Monsters (2021), players in Horrified: Greek Monsters must strategize ways to overcome the unique challenges presented by the escaped monsters, this time stepping in as avatars of the Gods.


Before players can defeat certain monsters, they must first uncover the monsters’ Lairs. Medusa, Cerberus, Chimera and Minotaur are hidden in locations that must be discovered: the Statue Garden, Underworld Door, Chimera’s Cave and Labyrinth. Similar to the myths that inspired the game, uncovering the Lairs comes with a cost; players must discard three color items before the Lair token can be flipped over to reveal which Monster’s hideout they’ve landed on.


The game will officially go on sale on October 1 on Amazon, Target and at hobby stores nationwide, just in time for Halloween. The title is suitable for one to five players ages 10 and up. Average play time is 60 minutes.