Intersell Launches New Edition of Inspiring Children’s Toy ‘Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise!’

Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise!

Intersell, New Jersey-based toy creators, are excited to announce the launch of their newest product, Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise! This exciting new toy incites anticipation to reveal which magical Wishimal comes with your lantern!


Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise! starter packs include a uniquely-designed lantern. Once the surprise Wishimal is revealed, it is placed inside the lantern. Then pull the charm to make the magic happen! They are compatible with all of the Wishimals and have two light modes: wishing mode and nightlight mode. The lanterns also have an auto shut-off feature


Crafted with creativity and joy in mind, Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise brings a touch of wonder to children’s play experiences, allowing them to explore, dream, and create in a captivating and whimsical way. Lil Wish Lanterns are a unique and delightful toy designed to captivate young minds and encourage imaginative play. These beautifully designed lanterns are perfect for children aged 5 and up, providing a safe and mesmerizing way to bring their dreams to life.


“Our goal with Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise! is to inspire children to dream big and explore their creativity,” says Phil Albritton, creator of Lil Wish Lanterns. “We believe that playtime should be both enchanting and educational, and these lanterns provide a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their storytelling skills while being immersed in a world of light and imagination.


Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, Lil Wish Lanterns teaches empathy through its organic gameplay, thinking positively and wishing well for others.


You can find Lil Wish Lanterns Surprise! sold around the world and across the US on Amazon, Learning Express, Books A Million, Paper Store and others. Includes an interactive app!

Endless Imagination: Encourage storytelling and creative play as children embark on imaginary adventures illuminated by their very own wish lanterns.


Safe and Durable: Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, Lil Wish Lanterns are built to withstand the demands of playtime while ensuring peace of mind for parents.


Collectible Fun: With a variety of enchanting designs available, children can collect and trade their favorite Lil Wish Lanterns, fostering a sense of wonder and excitement.