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AtGames Announces Legends Ultimate Arcades


AtGames Digital Media announced its Legends Ultimate arcade machine.


The new, full-size arcade unit will feature hundreds of games that offer a mix of classic arcade and video games. This includes games from Atari, ColecoVision, Data East, The Tetris Company, and more. such as Asteroids, BurgerTime, Centipede, Fighter’s History, Pong, and Tetris.


The unit will feature a traditional arcade-style control panel with two joysticks, six action buttons per player, a high-performance trackball, and two spinners. For the modern gamer, the arcade will also offer a modern user interface, intuitive and customizable menu themes, network play, internet connectivity, leaderboards, and cloud gaming streaming. The included ArcadeNet connectivity features free DLC, remote play, tournaments, subscription game library, and BYOG functionality to access PC game libraries. The Legends Ultimate arcade is also expandable, with Bluetooth accessories, cabinet art, light guns, and more, making it the ultimate entertainment platform.


The Legends Ultimate arcade will take limited pre-orders at top retailers starting in July. Additional product information will be announced next week during e3 Expo in Los Angeles.