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ZURU_MAX_BUILD_MORE_BLOCKS__LifestyleZuru Launches Walmart-Exclusive Brick Building Brand

ZURU and Walmart teamed up for the launch of the new construction brand, Max Build More.

The line, available exclusively at Walmart, includes the Max Build More 253 Bricks pack; Max Build More 759-piece pack; Max Build More 250 Accessory pack, with wheels and doors accessories; Max Build More 15 Figures pack, featuring cowboys, policemen and pirates; and Max Build More 10-by-10-inch Base Plate. Available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide, Max Build More blocks are compatible with all major toy brick brands. Introductory prices range from under $5 to $25.

The Max Build More brand will roll out in December in New Zealand and other leading markets from spring 2019.

howdoyouseetheworldcardgameNew Card Game Inspires Players to Communicate without Judgement

How Do You See the World? is a new one-of-a-kind card game from Authentic Agility Games that launched on Amazon. Developed by a Houston-based entrepreneur and business leader, How Do You See the World? is a new type of game that encourages people to listen to one another without judgment.

Creator Cathy Cranberg says that she developed the game to stimulate thoughtful conversations about a range of topics: personal relationships, reflections, aspirations, life’s purpose, and beliefs. How Do You See the World? from Authentic Agility Games is available beginning today on for $24.99.
How Do You See the World? asks more than 500 questions, such as:

  • Describe an experience that left you speechless with joy.
  • How much money is enough?
  • How has your gender impacted your life?
  • What do you know for sure?
  • How do you celebrate life?

Cranberg says How Do You See the World? isn’t about winning or losing, but about encouraging players to engage, interact and have authentic conversations.

How Do You See the World? is the first title in the series of upcoming card games targeting a variety of consumer audiences and topics, many of which will be introduced in 2019. Cranberg will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales to support educational and entrepreneurial organizations that are working to change the world in a meaningful way.