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New Product News: CES 2019 Baby Tech Edition

CES 2019: Baby & Family Tech


Sleepace Launches New Sleep Sensor System for Babies

Sleepace launched its new Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies, along with different packages for its IoT partners to meet their needs.

Suitable for babies ages birth to 6 months, Sleepace’s Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies automatically monitors the heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement during naps, and comes with an alarm to alert parents if baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds or leaves the crib.

Bongmi Features Smart Growth Tracker

Bongmi showcases its latest version of its Smart Growth Tracker for children.

The BonBaby Smart Growth Tracker helps understand and manage the nutrition of growing children. It comprises scales with a flexible, extensible tape ruler connected to a hand-held measurement device. The child stands on the scales and the measurement device is placed on top of the head, recording the child’s height and weight in one easy movement.

An LED on the device immediately displays the child’s height and synchronizes with the mobile app to record and chart the information which is compared to the Child Growth Standards to indicate if weight and height are appropriate for the child’s age and gender. The app then provides tailored recommendations.