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LEGO Star Wars Celebrates 20 Years of Product


In celebration of the LEGO Star Wars 20-year partnership, The LEGO Group will launch five new special-edition sets.


These sets feature iconic spacecrafts and exclusive throwback minifigures in tribute of the history. Launched on April 1, the sets recreate iconic and popular sets from the last 20 years, along with a new sub-theme: Action Battle.



LEGO Star Wars was LEGO’s first IP franchise and has since remained one of its most populars. Around 700 different sets (including 1,000 minifigures), five video games, several television and web series, and more merchandise released since the initial launch.


“LEGO play and Star Wars is a dream collaboration for us, and we feel privileged to have one of the strongest fan communities out there who continue to inspire and challenge us to push the boundaries,” says Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, Creative Director of LEGO Star Wars. “This 20-year milestone is really a dedication and testimony to our loyal fans who have built, reimagined, battled and shared their LEGO Star Wars adventures with us for two decades. Twenty years on, the Force is still with us and there’s still so much more to come.”


“Our collaboration with the LEGO Group remains a huge success because it allows people to explore the Star Wars galaxy in a very unique way. Whether you’re meticulously building the Millennium Falcon for a display shelf or reimagining the battles with LEGO Star Wars models, the LEGO Star Wars range allows us to engage with fans of all ages who find the Star Wars galaxy as special as we do,” adds Derek Stothard, Vice President of Licensing at Lucasfilm.


Watch below for a fan compilation video in celebration of the franchise: