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NSI International Launches Laser X Morph Blaster


NSI International announces the release of the Laser X Morph Blaster, the latest addition to Laser X.


Differing from its predecessors, Morph offers multiple ways to play. Each set comes with two interactive game targets with three built-in games that test blasting speed and accuracy, without the need for another player. In just seconds, these targets “morph” into Laser X blasters with a 300-foot blasting range, lighting and sound effects, and other advanced features that Laser X players have come to expect such as an interactive voice coach that offers tips and tricks throughout the game.


Morph Blasters are also the first Laser X blasters that offer the option to wear your receiver target on your arm or leave it mounted inside the blaster for blaster-to-blaster play.


“Morph is a tremendous addition to the Laser X lineup,” says Brian Waldman, Senior Vice President of NYC-based NSI and the creator of Laser X. “The blasters can be used so many different ways. With three different ways to play, the Morph Blasters really expand the Laser X play experience.”


Laser X Morph Blasters work with all other Laser X gear, including the original Laser X, Laser X Micro Blasters, Long-Range Blaster, Fusion, and Gaming Tower.


All Laser X blasters work in the dark and in sunlight. Everything players need (except batteries) is right in the box. Laser X Morph retails for $49.99 at Target and


Get a look at the latest Laser X experience below: