pocket.watch Develops HobbyKids TV Animated Series


Pocket.watch announced the franchise launch plan for HobbyKids Adventures, the studio’s latest creator franchise based on the YouTube family, HobbyKidsTV.


The HobbyKids Adventures’ franchise will kick off with the debut of a new animated series of the same name created by Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom) in collaboration with pocket.watch and the HobbyKids family. It will then quickly expand into consumer products including toys, apparel, bedding, room décor, pajamas, backpacks, and several other soon-to-be-announced categories. Walmart will serve as the exclusive retail launch partner. Promotional partnerships with Carl’s Jr. & Hardees (CKE) will support the program.


From its start in 2013, HobbyKidsTV emerged as a leading kid and family channel on YouTube. The family’s group of channels, which celebrates creative play, has generated more than 6.2 billion lifetime views.


With the launch of its own cartoon, fans of HobbyKids can now follow the antics of the three brothers—HobbyPig, HobbyBear, and HobbyFrog— as they navigate their way through silly escapades. Through play, food and inventions, the animated series will enable fans to root for the brothers as they triumph over arch enemies, “the Slobby Kids,” to make the world a better place. The series is set to premiere June 22 on the HobbyKidsTV YouTube channel.

In addition to the launch of the series, pocket.watch is also collaborating with Carl’s Jr. & Hardees to release a dedicated HobbyKids Adventures Star Pals kids meal. These meals help mark Hardees return into the kid’s meal space and will be available in both restaurants’ 3,800 locations across the U.S., starting in August.


Targeted for kids ages 3 and up, the HobbyKids Adventures lifestyle product line will include products that embody some of HobbyFrog, HobbyPig, and HobbyBear’s favorite things including:

  • Toys from Just Play
  • Apparel from The Bentex Group
  • Bedding from Franco Manufacturing
  • Pajamas from Bio World


Kids and families will learn about the entire HobbyKids Adventures collection through videos shared with fans across the HobbyKids’ network of channels on YouTube.


In conjunction with the company’s in-store launch of the HobbyKids Adventures consumer products line at Walmart, pocket.watch will also kick off an eight weekend, 24 location experiential tour celebrating HobbyKids Adventures. The fan fest, viewing party, and meet-and-greet will allow fans to meet the whole Hobby family in Walmart parking lots across the country this summer. In addition, fans will be able to interact with costumed characters from the HobbyKids Adventure series, enjoy screening parties of episodes, play games and activities, and much more at this festival like experience.