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MVP Plush, LLC Introduces New Product Line for Preschool Children

MVP - Most Valuable Pals Collection

MVP Plush, LLC., a company dedicated to spreading joy in the lives of children and pets through plush toys, has created MVP (Most Valuable Pals), a new product line of plush stuffed animals with a special message reminding children they are the stars of their own story.

Safe for ages three and up, there are five plush “Pals” included in the new collection, with names inspired by their colors and designs: Pepperplum Elephant, Periwinkle Puppy, Gingerberry Giraffe, Butterscotch Kitty and Cottoncandi Unicorn. Designed with multi-sensory fabric textures, every animal includes a hand-drawn star and is available in two sizes, 9” (medium) or 14” (large). The stars reflect the brand’s message that all children are special and unique. Chrysti Carol Propes, President of MVP Plush, has a background in early childhood education and a heart for children.

“The students I taught, taught me more than I could have ever imagined.“ she said. “I taught young children, and their eyes sparkled. They believed in the best in people. I wanted to develop a toy line that spoke to the faith in children and reminded them they are extraordinary.”

Fluffy and huggable with weighted paws, the textured plush fabrics are soft, luxurious and soothing, created to expose children to different feelings and engage sensory development.