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Super Impulse Partners with Rubik’s Brand Ltd. to Introduce New Rubik’s Tilt

Rubik's Tilt

Super Impulse USA LLC, creator of the successful and popular World’s Smallest line of toys and collectibles, has partnered with Rubik’s Brand to launch the new Rubik’s Tilt, a hand-held electronic game controlled by motion.

Rubik’s Tilt offers a new and innovative way to solve the Rubik’s Cube! This electronic handheld game features a “virtual” Rubik’s Cube on a high resolution, high definition screen. Twist, turn and tilt the game to move the columns, rows and sides! Take your solving skills to the next level with additional features including a speed timer, sound controls, three levels of play, and a ‘hints’ option that will guide you through learning the right moves to solve the puzzle. This motion-controlled game requires brain power, hand-eye coordination, and the same logic required to solve the original Rubik’s Cube.