Walmart Unveils New Baby Shark Exclusives

As the world tunes into the highly anticipated summer TV event next week, Walmart is gearing up with new Baby Shark toys and accessories, featuring the whole shark family.  


Products include:

Baby Shark Puppets from WowWee —The Baby Shark Puppets play the popular “Baby Shark” theme song faster or slower depending on how fast the puppet moves.

Baby Shark Cube Plush Dolls from WowWee—These are stackable, collectible shark family sound cube dolls. Squeeze them to hear the “Baby Shark” song.


Baby Shark Bath Squirters from WowWee—Available as a four-pack.


Baby Shark Fingerlings from WowWee

Baby Shark Play-Doh Set from Hasbro—Make your own shark family out of Play-Doh

Baby Shark Towel

Baby Shark Bedding