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Skyrocket’s Blume Dolls Blossom at Retail


Skyrocket Toys celebrated the retail launch of its newest collectible doll line Blume, featuring its unique patent-pending reveal technology, last week. To celebrate the launch of the product, Skyrocket engaged 22 popular YouTube influencers to produce videos all coordinated to go live on “Blume Day,” June 21, also known as the Summer Solstice.


Blume Day kicked off with an unveiling of the entire first collection of Blume dolls on Romper, followed by in-depth unboxing videos created by top YouTube influencers. Throughout the day, specially selected influencers posted a video highlighting one unique doll until all twenty-two dolls from the first collection were revealed. Top influencers include Mila & Emma, Everleigh Opens Toys, Life With Brothers, Naiah & Elli Toys Show and Ellie Sparkles, to name a few. All of the Blume Day videos are curated on the Blume Dolls YouTube channel.


“Blume dolls are anticipated to be this year’s hottest collectible doll line with a ground-breaking and never-before-seen ‘bluming’ technology sparking endless play value,” said Lindsey Scheftic, vice-president of marketing at Skyrocket. “We were very excited to work with our buzz-worthy influencers to unveil the world of Blume. We shipped each influencer an exclusively designed Blume box to heighten the air of mystery around their character and create content as unique and fun as the product itself. Product has just started hitting retail shelves and sell-through numbers are already off the charts! Early forecasts are showing a red hot start for Blume.”


Blume was one of the Top 10 Toys on Amazon at launch, quickly rising to No. 1 on Amazon’s Toys Movers and Shakers list, which are the items with the biggest gains in sales rank over the past 24 hours. The doll is currently ranked in the top 10 best-selling dolls on the site.


The patent-pending Blume dolls offer a surprise blooming effect for an unexpected toy reveal experience. Add water and watch as the Blume doll grows right out of her flowering pot. Twenty-two blind-packed dolls are in the first collection and range from “adorable to “rare” and “super rare” and one “mystical” doll. Each doll blooms bigger than her flower pot and comes with ten surprises to uncover including a hairstyle, fashionable outfit and accessories, a mini friend and sticker book, for only $9.99. All pieces are part of the play with no unnecessary pieces or extra trash generated from the fun. [Editor’s note: to learn more about how Skyrocket ensured the sustainable design of the Blume dolls, click here.]


To complement the dolls, the Blume Secret Surprise Garden is hitting shelves this fall. The jumbo-sized flower pot playset opens up and features secret compartments filled with thirty hidden treasures and a rare Blume doll waiting to be discovered.