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Bandai Steps into Physical-Meets-Digital Play with Tori


Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. on behalf of Bandai Namco Entertainment America Europe S.A.S., announced tori, a creative and imaginative ecosystem that enables families with children from 6 to 12 and beyond to enjoy interactive play while encouraging individual creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Leveraging its Mirror Play technology, which combines ISKN’s augmented interaction solution with cutting-edge technologies, tori brings children’s toys and creations to life with every move instantly reflected in the supported apps. Kids and parents can also use the tori Wand, tori Catapult, and tori Spacecraft over the tori board.


“We’ve always imagined our augmented interaction technology as a user-friendly means to spark creativity and emotion. Collaborating with Bandai Namco Entertainment was the opportunity to bring fun, magic, and imagination to everyone.” said Timothée Jobert, ISKN co-founder and chief experience officer.


With the tori Explorer Pack, children can craft and customize digital elements and their toys through its creative kit and find them back in their own world. The tori Explorer Pack launches October 2. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Five apps will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store at release, with additional apps and toys added to the tori ecosystem over time.


“We believe in creative, playful and active methods that develop activities where problem solving, creativity and concentration are at heart. In such regard, tori allows kids to have fun and express their personality through creative and interactive experiences with a perfect balance between on and off-screen time,” said Herve Hoerdt, senior vice-president of marketing, digital and content at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe S.A.S.