MGA’s The Hangrees Combine Parody, Slimy Poop-tasting Fun

MGA Entertainment unveiled its newest line of boys collectibles, The Hangrees, during San Diego Comic Con. The Hangrees are pop culture figures, each drooling its favorite slimy parody food, drink, or snack. Feed them, shake them, and excrete them for  slimy poop-tastic fun, says MGA. Kids even make their own slimy poop by feeding the characters water, “food” and “food flavor.”

The new new line is now available for presale on, and


Nine characters will be available at launch, beginning August 18. In addition to collecting The Hangrees characters, there is a rare chase “chrome” character in series one.


“The toy industry needs more laughter – our core target is kids – they enjoy humor, parodies and, of course, slime,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment. “The Hangrees is a parody brand that is designed to bring laughter and chuckles to consumers of all ages.”


The Hangrees characters designs are intended to parody popular pop culture characters and franchises, such as Harry Potter (Harry Plopper), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ninja Turdle), Star Wars (Chewcaca), Fortnite (Fartnite), Five Nights a Time Freddy’s (Five Nights if Farts), and more.