Hasbro Toy Recycling Program Expands to France, Germany


Hasbro expanded its toy and game recycling program to France and Germany, with additional plans to launch in Brazil later this year.


Through the program, consumers can send well-loved Hasbro toys and games to TerraCycle, which will recycle them into materials to be used in the construction of play spaces, flower pots, park benches, and other innovative uses.


“Since launching the Hasbro Toy Recycling Program in the U.S. in 2018, we’ve been planning to expand into additional markets to offer more consumers around the world a sustainable solution for recycling their well-loved toys and games,” said Hasbro President and CEO John Frascotti. “We deeply believe in taking care of our planet for future generations, and we see this expansion as the next step in our sustainability journey.”


To participate in Hasbro’s toy recycling program, French residents can learn more at, and German residents can sign up at


Similar to the U.S. program, once participants sign up, they can collect and box up their toys and games, print out a free shipping label and send their box to TerraCycle, which will sort and recycle the products. Consumers in France can also bring toys and games to participating Picwic locations. The program is open to all Hasbro toys and games, including face-to-face games, toys, action figures, dolls, plush, and more.


“We want our consumers to know when they choose Hasbro toys and games, they can feel good that our products are of the highest quality, responsibly made, and recyclable through TerraCycle,” said Kathrin Belliveau, senior vice-president of Global Government, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility, Hasbro.


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