MGA’s Newest Game Turns Players into Hi-Tech Ninjas


MGA Entertainment introduces its new action-packed game, Dojo Battle.


Using Dojo Battle’s patented Smart Strike technology, players can can take their ninja skills to a whole new level. Players compete head-to-head with a opponent, as a technology-enhanced chest shield automatically detects and keeps score each time the Dojo Battle sword makes contact.


Dojo Battle comes with two swords, two color disks to determine teams, multiple modes of gameplay with real battle sounds, and two battle shields with lights that illuminate whenever a hit is detected. After three consecutive contact hits to the chest plate, a winner is declared.


“Dojo Battle gives kids a chance to have fun, whether as a duo or with multiple players,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment. “With great patented technology, plus tried-and-true battling play among kids, team MGAE has done it again. We are bringing fun back to the toy aisle with new and creative products.”


All Dojo Battle swords and color discs work together so you can play with as many friends as you want – up to 12 players can battle at once! And, only sword to shield contact is counted — hits from arms, legs or other weapons do not register. Dojo Battle is for ages 8 and up.


To see how fans enjoy bringing Dojo Battle to life, check out the latest video from popular YouTube family, , who showed off their Dojo Battle™ skills in an epic video and storyline. In less than a week, the video has amassed 1.5MM+ views!

The popular YouTube family channel, ExtremeToys TV, demos how the new game works below:



Dojo Battle is now available online at Target and Amazon for $39.99.