2011 Halloween & Party Expo Balances Education and Entertainment

Over the past few months, aNb Media has been speaking with manufacturers from the Halloween industry. The December issue of Toys & Family Entertainment included an analysis on the three major Halloween-related trade shows in the U.S. The largest of the three shows—Halloween & Party Expo—was held in January in Houston and feedback from the show has been positive.

Catching Up With...
Catching Up With DebySue Wolfcale, Global Director, Brand Marketing for Sony Online Entertainment

Earlier this year, Sony Online Entertainment released DC Universe Online. As publisher and developer of the game for PC and PS3, Sony is immersing fans in the DC world.

The tagline is “YOU are the Next Legend,” as players navigate through their own story fighting to save or rule the DC Universe. Of course, players can don the guises of well-known DC characters in this 30-level game. The game is rated T for Teens, meaning it depicts mild blood, language, violence, and mildly suggestive themes.

Sony Online Entertainment explained some of the marketing and licensing efforts that are underway for the game.

From the Recession to Technology to Kids’ Wish Lists: A Peek Inside the American Family

aNb Media is working with Kiddie-i-Oh!, a market research and consulting firm specializing in kids and moms. Four times this year, we will visit with three families from three different parts of the country and document the findings in upcoming issues of Toys & Family Entertainment. In the first article, in the March issue, we’ll explore how the recession, along with the rise of technology, has impacted their lives. The March issue is now on our website. Visit page 24 for the full story.

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Catching Up With David Luner, Executive Vice-President of Consumer Products, Interactive and Mobile, FremantleMedia Enterprises North Americas

FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) has undergone numerous changes as of late. The company is in acquisition mode. It has made management changes to support FME’s focus on the expansion of third-party brand representation, children’s programming and brand development, live events, digital content creation, and gaming initiatives. David Luner, the newly appointed executive vice-president of consumer products, interactive and mobile, FremantleMedia Enterprises North Americas, spoke with Royaltie$ about the company’s evolution.