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ShopTalk Episode 18: Super Impulse President Alan Dorfman

On this episode of ShopTalk, we sat down with President of Super Impulse, Alan Dorfman, to discuss all things miniature! Known as the “King of Mini Toys” Alan has created some mini classics like the Mini Etch-A-Sketch, the ‘Worlds Smallest’ toy line, Garbage Pail Kids, Mini Super-Soaker and more! Hear all about Super Impulse’s upcoming plans for 2022, their NEW Pop Taters in partnership with Hasbro, Alan’s thoughts on e-commerce + supply chain in the toy industry, and his love of collectible toys!

All in the Family Pressman
All in the Family Features
All in the Family: The Pressman Family

Lynn Pressman was one of the first people I heard about when I entered the toy industry. She absolutely fascinated me. People talked about her business acumen, flair, hats, stunts like bringing an elephant to NY Toy Fair and much more. I met Jim for the first time at the UK Inventor Dinner and he seemed quiet, thoughtful and reserved. Although their styles were different, both were exceedingly successful in growing Pressman Toy during their time at the helm, as was Jack Pressman obviously. Theirs is a great story!

ShopTalk 17 EastPoint Sports Jonathan Berkowitz
aNb Media ShopTalk Features
ShopTalk Episode 17: EastPoint Sports CEO Jonathan Berkowitz

On this episode of ShopTalk, we sat down with CEO of EastPoint Sports, Jonathan Berkowitz, to discuss the most exciting innovations and upcoming projects EastPoint Sports has in store! Hear all about their partnership with NERF to create NERF Laser Tag, their licensing with the MLB, NFL, and Skee-Ball, and their plans for their many brands/products such as Kan Jam, Foosball, Table Tennis, Billiards, Air Hockey & More!