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Catching Up With Glenn Rutherford

About a year and a half ago, the father and son team of Glenn and Travis Rutherford opened the door to The Rutherford James Group, a brand extension, licensing, and strategic consulting firm. The company is an amalgamation of Glenn Rutherford’s Logan James, Ltd., and Travis Rutherford’s Travis James, LLC, companies. Both principles bring decades of experience in the licensing business to the new company, which already has offices in California, Colorado, and Dubai. Glenn Rutherford, chairman and co-founder of The Rutherford James Group, takes a moment to talk to Royaltie$ about what sets the company apart and what’s on tap for a new company run by industry veterans.

The App World and the Toy Industry Converge as eCollectibles

Mix former Apple programmers with toy industry veterans, add in the power of portable devices and the result is a profound change in how consumers collect, own, and display collectibles.

Created by Little Ricky Software, eCollectibles are a revolutionary way to merge all the classic patterns of collecting tangible objects onto a portable device. The licensing opportunities are endless whether the goal is reaching kids, collectors, and just about everyone in between.