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Catching Up With Scott Bachrach, The Wish Factory

Scott Bachrach launched The Wish Factory in 2011 with all the attention focused on a line of dolls featuring tween singing sensation Cody Simpson. However, the company has a host of additional items—both licensed and non-licensed—to round out its lineup. Some of the items include the ICEE Maker and related accessories and its Pop Grrl brand of earbuds and stick-on nail charms.

Bachrach is no stranger to the toy industry. His previous companies include Fun 4 All and Think Tank Toys. Now Bachrach, along with partner Dan Lesnick, are building The Wish Factory from the ground up.

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Catching Up With Adam Lerner, Co-Founder and President & Tracy VanBibber, National Sales Director, My Dirty Jobs

My Dirty Jobs, a company creating a line of heavy-duty cleaning products inspired by the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs staring Mike Rowe, is the first reality-based brand to enter the household-cleaning aisle.

Company co-founders Adam Lerner and Christian Darby created the idea. Less than 18 months ago the duo embarked on an uphill battle to convince both Rowe and Discovery Communications to take a chance on their start-up. Their vision became reality and the product line debuted at Walmart last month.

Both Lerner and Tracy VanBibber, national sales director of My Dirty Jobs, spoke with aNb Media about the brand’s launch and strategy.

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Catching Up With Gabrielle Oliff, Vice-President of Brand and Marketing at American Greetings Properties

American Greetings Properties has dubbed 2012 as “30 Years of Caring” to relaunch its Care Bears property. This cross-generational campaign will encompass a new TV series on The Hub, an extensive product line, and a media campaign, which blends traditional and social media.

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Catching Up With Brian Backus, Founder of Kidlandia

The idea of Kidlandia began as simple creatures that lived in Brian Backus’ imagination when he was a child. While working a full-time job in the beverage industry, he designed personalized maps in his spare time. These individual commissioned works of art served a growing client base. Along the way, he married these two concepts to create Kidlandia, a child’s personalized world. Kidlandia now encompasses a website with multiple product lines as well as licensed partners.

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Catching Up With Paul Andrejco, Founder of Puppet Heap

Puppet Heap, founded by Paul Andrejco in 2004, is a puppet design studio with three divisions that works with clients such as The Walt Disney Company and Nickelodeon. In the fall of 2011, the company’s first line of retail puppets was sold in the U.S. Andrejco describes his philosophy behind the studio, puppetry, and the characters his team is creating.

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Catching Up With Dan Levin, Managing Director of West Coast Operations, Beanstalk

Paris Hilton, as the saying goes, is big in Asia. So big in fact, that she has 30 free-standing stores in Asia and is kicking off 2012 with the introduction of a line of licensed eyewear. Read what else is on tap for this billion-dollar global Paris Hilton’s brand.

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Catching Up With Caren Calabrese, Vice-President, MIKE Licensing

Pet gear is a big business—a $50 billion business. There is no doubt that consumers love their pets and they are proving their love—and expressing their style—by spending money. The I ♥ Pet Head brand was created to focus on the pet grooming, fashion, and accessories categories. As we move into 2012, the brand will expand into Walmart and Target.

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Catching Up With Sara Nemerov, Senior Vice-President, Consumer Products and Brand Licensing, Rhino Entertainment

The Grateful Dead has endured for generations through its music and tie-dyed, peace-loving lifestyle. But now Rhino Entertainment, a division of Warner Music Group and licensing agent for the brand, is relying on a new brand strategy to ramp up licensing efforts to ensure the brand carries on alongside its music.