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Catching Up With Brian Backus, Founder of Kidlandia

The idea of Kidlandia began as simple creatures that lived in Brian Backus’ imagination when he was a child. While working a full-time job in the beverage industry, he designed personalized maps in his spare time. These individual commissioned works of art served a growing client base. Along the way, he married these two concepts to create Kidlandia, a child’s personalized world. Kidlandia now encompasses a website with multiple product lines as well as licensed partners.

Catching Up With...
Catching Up With Paul Andrejco, Founder of Puppet Heap

Puppet Heap, founded by Paul Andrejco in 2004, is a puppet design studio with three divisions that works with clients such as The Walt Disney Company and Nickelodeon. In the fall of 2011, the company’s first line of retail puppets was sold in the U.S. Andrejco describes his philosophy behind the studio, puppetry, and the characters his team is creating.